Jacob's Houses

Caring is what we do best. 

Services Provided

  • Jacobs houses offers long term as well as short term care
  • Each Home can host a maximum of two patients at a time
  • Around the clock caregiver
  • Homebound doctors visit every three months
  • Physician visits as needed
  • Team includes social worker, doctor, and nurses
  • Long term patients will receive a visit 2 times a week from nurses
  • Hospice teams will provide the exact same service as they would in a patient’s own home.
  • Meal preparation
  •  Medication management
  • Daily hygiene

Locations Available

About Us

Jacob’s Houses is the answer to the growing demand for housing the elderly. By taking on the initiative to build the bridge between those who need the care and love that is necessary in their final stage in life, and those with the compassion and desire to host them in the comfort of their own home. Jacob’s Houses is the missing link. Jacob’s Houses is faith based as we provide exceptional care to those who are unable to care for themselves. We have the ability to serve our guests with Immense attention. Our caregiver to patient ratio cannot be Compared with institutional ratios. We have one caregiver per two patients which allows us to provide exceptional care

Meet Our Team

Camelia Iacob

Founder & President 

Over the last 20 years, Camelia has been heavily involved in providing care for the elderly in the southwest Missouri area. Her journey started when she purchased her first assisted living facility in Springfield, Missouri: Jacobs Care Center. 

Through the years she successfully grew her network of staff and medical providers to bring her residence the highest standard of care available. Her relationships blossomed in the community which allowed her to expand into multiple locations, all the while maintaining the intimate connection that is crucial between caregiver and resident. Now, as the demand continues to rise, Camelia has made it her mission to continue helping the elderly community on a greater scale.


Chris Iacob


Heavily influenced by the example his mother Camelia set: a servant to those in need, Chris enlisted into the United States Marine Corps. Throughout his four years of service, Chris gained the powerful skills of combining communication with technology. Since receiving his Honorable Discharge in January of 2019, Chris has joined Camelia in the movement to build a better solution for the family’s and friends of those on their final journey as Chief Operating Officer of Jacob’s Houses.


Robert Iacob


Following in the entrepreneurial foot steps of his mother Camelia, Robert Iacob established his presence in the Travel Industry by launching his tech based startup Sleepover Inc. in 2018. Sleepover Inc. provides short term furnished housing accommodations to travelers and business professionals in 8 US cities and counting. Using the experience he developed over the years as Founder and Director of Sleepover Inc. Robert has joined the Jacob’s Houses team as Chief Financial Officer.

Apply Today

Fill out the following forms and email to Camelia Iacob at  jacobshomecare@yahoo.com or call (417) 844-8635.