"The End of Life Deserves as Much Beauty, Dignity, and Respect as The Beginning"

Why Jacob's Ladder?





The sad truth is that although the majority of Americans want to die at home, only half are able to do as they wish. Others fall into the gap created by intermittent medical hospice care and caregivers juggling the physical, mental, social and financial demands of round-the-clock final days care. 


We believe everyone has a universal right to personalized end-of-life care in a comfortable setting they can call home. Our social model end-of-life care home fills a void in caregiving for dying patients who cannot be cared for in the comfort of their home.


Jacob’s Ladder End of Life Legacy Home serves to ease the caregiver burden and become a loving home and family for people in need by providing terminally ill patients with a full time residence and nonmedical comfort care, while medical management needs are met by area hospices. This patient-centered cooperative care approach results in high quality, complete end-of-life care for those who can no longer remain in their home, yet deserve compassionate care and a peaceful death in comfortable surroundings.

Help Create a Model of End-of-Life Care

We envision a future where people and families have the expectation of dying well in comfort, with dignity and supported by experts and compassionate care. You can be part of the movement to improve end-of-life experience for individuals and families in Southwest Missouri. We welcome monetary donations, along with goods and services in support of our home for the dying. Your generosity provides essential care for a good death.

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“Jacob’s Ladder was an absolute “Godsend” for our family. We had been unable to be with our sweet Momma for several months and knew she was experiencing her last days on Earth. Our family was provided the most precious blessing when we received word that Jacob’s Ladder had an opening. From the moment she arrived, our Mom received the most wonderful warm, nurturing care. The staff had a gift for helping her be comfortable and supported. They had a unique ability of knowing just what she needed and worked seamlessly with the wonderful Access Hospice providers. One beautiful day while at Jacob’s Ladder we had the privileged experience of taking our very sick Mother outside to sit in the beautiful garden. The warmth of the sun and the sound of the fountain provided a very serene, peaceful surrounding to be with our loved one. The communication throughout the stay was amazing, we were continually informed about her condition and steps being taken for ensuring her comfort. An added bonus was the wonderful, home-cooked meals provided to our whole family. Jacob’s Ladder was an absolute blessing for our family, and we will be forever grateful for their kindness and care! Love to all who supported us during that very difficult time.”

– Pam Hedgpeth, Ed.D.

“I am so grateful to you, I don’t know how to put it into words. My Mom being at Jacob’s Ladder was such a blessing. Everyone gave her compassionate care and having our family there helped me more than anything else could. Thank you for all you do! I appreciate you and the Mission of Jacobs Ladder”

– Melody Limas

When you have questions…

We’ll be here to give you answers. Reach out for more information about our services, volunteer opportunities or with other questions about our social model home for end-of-life care.