Affordable Long Term Care

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Find out why Jacob’s Houses is a better alternative to assisted living and nursing home facilities. 

Investing In Health and Well-Being

Jacob’s Houses is the answer to the growing demand for housing the elderly. By taking on the initiative to build the bridge between those who need the care and love that is necessary in their final stage in life, and those with the compassion and desire to host them in the comfort of their own home. Jacob’s Houses is the missing link. Jacob’s Houses is faith based as we provide exceptional care to those who are unable to care for themselves. We have the ability to serve our guests with immense attention. Our caregiver to patient ratio cannot be compared with institutional ratios. We have one caregiver per two patients which allows us to provide exceptional care

Our Facilities Include

Premium Care

We believe aging should be celebrated, honored, and valued.

Home Examinations

We have you covered whenever you experience any difficulties visiting us. 

Timely Care

We value your time. That is why we get our patients examined in less than an hour.

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