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The journey to bring about Jacob’s Ladder Care Services Inc. began more than fourteen years ago. That’s when Camelia Iacob along with her husband opened Jacob’s Care Center, a level one residential care facility at 932 West State Street, Springfield MO. They have also recently opened a boarding home/in-home care facility at 2343 N Delaware, Springfield, MO.

Nine years ago, a patient at Jacob’s Care Center needed an increased level of care and the Level 1 residential care facility was no longer able to meet his needs. Despite this, he was very adamant that he did not want to leave the Jacob’s care. So they built a guest home on their property next to their home. This guest home was/is able to accommodate two hospice patients and that is how they began caring for their first hospice patients. Camelia was also able to care for both of her parents at the end of their lives. It was from these experiences that Camelia’s passion for caring for patients at the end of their lives was born and has continued to grow since then
Through her many years of experience as well as working with other members of the healthcare community, Camelia began to realize there is a great need in the community of Springfield, MO for end of life care. Such a facility does not yet exist in Springfield MO. She wanted a place where anyone would be able to receive quality, loving care no matter if they were able to pay or not. The idea to open a nonprofit organization was born.

The first step taken was to meet with Paul Reinert, CFO of Integrity Home Care and Hospice. We were able to acquire a lot of information about the hospice community and nonprofit organizations. He also put us in contact with Kim Morelock, the executive director of Hospice Foundation of the Ozarks. After meeting with Kim, we learned about the social model end of life care home. She was very excited about our idea and promised her full support. She also put us in contact with the Law Offices of Sativa Boatman-Sloan who specialize in Elder Law.
The next step was to see the social model home in person. A group traveled to Clarehouse in Tulsa, OK. We met with Kelley Scott and were able to learn from her and ask questions. She advised us to create a presence in the community and create long lasting relationships and to create awareness about our cause and our organization. We were able to tour Clarehouse and the surrounding grounds and all were very impressed. We were energized and inspired to establish such a home in Springfield. We also learned that a group in Joplin, MO was working to open a social model home, Solace House.

We then met with the group from Joplin which included Megan Spiering and Susan Lincoln, and learned that they were planning to travel to Jefferson City to speak with state officials about the social model home. Camelia traveled with the group to Jefferson City, where Susan Lincoln presented the social model home to state officials. She was able to gather a lot of information on this trip.
We have continued to meet with the groups from Tulsa, Joplin and now Columbia as well. We also continue to form new relationships with people in our Springfield community. We are raising awareness and continue to educate others about the social model home.

The board of directors has been established. Camelia Jacob is our president and her vast experience and background speaks for itself. Ida Sue Obert is our secretary and her interest in this vision stems from her life experiences. She realizes there is a need for this model because nursing homes cannot meet end of life needs. She went through end of life experiences with her husband as well as her best friend. Nursing homes were not able to give proper care at the end of life. She is passionate about quality end of life care and bringing it about in Springfield, MO. Diana Boboescu is our treasurer, and her background in business. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management from Missouri State University. She is excited to see this vision come to fruition.

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